Review – Suspended Drug Store Lacking Information is a closed website that did not use to have much information about it on the official website. I was unable to find where Your Pharmacy shop was located or since when did it start working. The company of Your Pharmacy used to offer medicines belonging to different categories like anxiety, muscle relaxers, pain, allergy, heartburn, etc. I was also able to find that different medicines for treating ED used to be available here. 100 mg Viagra had been priced at the rate of 12.6 US Dollars which was too expensive.

No information could be found regarding shipping service, payment options or refunds. The only data that I could find was that the company of Your Pharmacy shipped through FedEx and delivered the very next day. Your Pharmacy e-shop could be contacted by calling at 800-853-7381, by emailing or by sending the queries to the postal address. Free consultation was also provided by Your Pharmacy to every customer. Reviews had not received any customer reviews ever since it started working on the internet. I am always surprised if I get to know that a certain pharmacy is completely devoid of customer reviews because, for a platform that is operating online, these reviews are of immense importance. A pharmacy that has been working for some time over the internet is ought to receive feedback from customers. Having no feedback means that the pharmacy had not been doing well and such stores often end up getting closed. It is possible that the reason why Your Pharmacy stopped working is similar but nothing can be said for sure. What I can say is that pharmacies with no reviews are rendered as unreliable and unsuitable to order from. I can assume the same from YourPharmacy and say that if it were still operating, it would not have been my choice for ordering drugs. Reviews 2017

YourPharmacy had also not received any latest reviews (2017) and I saw it coming as it is almost impossible for a company that has no record of its previous working to receive customer reviews in the current time. This left me with the only option to check Scamadviser and LegitScript and see what they have to say about this suspicious store of Your Pharmacy.

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LegitScript had been quite straightforward while addressing Your Pharmacy as it had clearly indicated the store as a rogue one. LegitScript refers to an online website as rogue only when it has not been able to find sufficient amount of proof for credibility or thinks that the website does not fulfil the requirements it has set to be called as reliability. Thus, as per LegitScript, I can say that YourPharmacy was not a good option for buying drugs.

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According to Scamadviser, the pharmacy had been associated with the threat. While the website had been located and operating from the United States, it had been connected with some kind of risk at some point of its operation. The domain had also been listed as a rogue and a malware report had also been associated with Your Pharmacy. Lastly, Scamadviser had also said that the website had also been in link with other platforms that were risky and not credible at all. There was nothing known about the popularity of this drug store and it had been awarded a trust rating of 50 percent by the scam detecting software. It had also been mentioned that this pharmacy needed to be used with a great deal of care. Coupon Codes

The importance of coupon codes in determining the worth of an online pharmacy cannot be denied. These coupons are one of the many reasons why clients prefer to buy their drugs from online stores instead of their local pharmacies. It is believed that online pharmacies are generous enough to offer good discounts that the customers can avail and save money. In such circumstances, a pharmacy like that was devoid of discount offers was hard to survive. Customers would never buy drugs from a pharmacy that offers no discount and this might also be a reason why Your Pharmacy suddenly stopped working.

Conclusion did not seem credible enough to be ordered from. The official website had a lot of flaws and I was unable to find complete information about every aspect. The customer reviews for this store never existed and this was what bothered me the most. Moreover, Scamadviser and LegitScript seemed sure that it was just another scam website that was only there to snatch money from people. Lastly, the website had never offered any discount deal or coupon code to its clients. All of this information forces me to give a rating of 1 out of 5 to Your Pharmacy. I can say that it is better for all the customers if this platform remains closed and never start functioning again.