Trusted Tablets Review – Pharmacy Network Operating for 12+ Years and No Complaints

Before ordering your meds from an online pharmacy network, check how long it has been in operation. A great pharmacy network is the one that has been in business the longest. The operation duration proves that the services offered by the network are awesome. The stores which offer fake services run out of customers eventually and become bankrupt. Speaking of operation duration, Trusted Tablets pharmacy network may not be the longest operating pharmacy network but the fact that it has managed to hold its ground for 12+ years is enough evidence to show that they don’t joke around with their customers. They aim to always provide value which keeps their customers interested.

All the stores in the pharmacy network feature the above template. This is a template that you can call simple. You will not need to spend hours trying to decide where to click or what to do. The simple look is another thing Trusted Tablets customers love. Another thing is the cheap prices. Generic Viagra which has the same functionality as brand Viagra is worth only $0.69 a pill. In the local stores, the brand Viagra costs 70 dollars.

Shopping from pharmacy networks can be made harder by scammers who use the popularity that genuine network sites have managed to gain. They create sites which feature the above template and capitalize on the inability of customers to realize they are on a scam site to steal from them. By just avoiding random web addresses, you will avoid getting scammed.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

Before judging a drugstore network, check its reviews. These should tell you whether you should trust it or not. Instead of leaving it up to you to waste your time while looking for these reviews, we have a portion of them here. The only thing we can depict from the reviews is that customers are extremely impressed by the services they have been receiving.

Trusted Tablets Reviews

After receiving his medications, James is thanking the Trusted Tablets team for getting his medications to him. He says that the meds he received have the same quality as the ones he gets from the local pharmacy. The added advantage is the great pricing. It has allowed him to afford his meds.

Geilert had just received his parcel. He indicates that the delivery was prompt He even received an extra pack as a bonus. The final reviewer had received his product. The product had arrived just like the Trusted Tablets team had indicated it would. He indicates that if the meds are as great as the delivery, he will become a permanent customer.

Trusted Tablets Online

Some pharmacies are guilty of taking their customer information and selling this to other companies. Some pharmacy networks are guilty of handling customer payments in non-secure sites which leads to the customer sensitive data getting stolen. There is nothing on the web that points that Trusted Tablets is involved in any of this. When it comes to payments, there are four options to use. These are as we have indicated below:

Trusted Tablets Payment Options

You get to choose between VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Bitcoin. Notice you have four credit cards to chose from. Therefore, you will always manage to pay for your meds. Credit cards are safer since disputing the charges is easy. The Trusted Tablets team know that their site is not encrypted enough to handle payments. They, therefore, redirect their customers to a 256-bit encrypted website where the payments are handled.

The network offers refunds. If you order a package and it never turns up, you need to inform the customer support department by calling or emailing them. They will give you either the option of getting a refund or getting your package re-shipped. If by mistake the wrong package gets delivered, you can contact the customer support team for a return address. Once the package is returned, you will get your refund or if you want, the correct package will be shipped to you. The shipments usually take anywhere between 10 to 17 days. In very rare cases, the deliveries may take 5 extra days.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

To find a coupon you can apply for any product on the sites requires you to be observant. We found a coupon code at the bottom of all the sites in the Trusted Tablets network. The coupon code, 5OFF, will make sure that you pay only 95% for your meds. Another coupon code is the following:

Trusted Tablets Viagra 10% off Coupon Code

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and purchasing Viagra, you can use the Coupon code 10OFF to pay 90% for your meds. The sites always included free bonus pills with orders and they had free shipping for orders which exceeded $150.

Trusted Tablets Phone Numbers

A company that does not have anything to hide should not fear to display its contact details. This is true with the pharmacy sites in the Trusted Tablets network. They have three numbers their customers can use. These are as follows:

  • +1 800 532 4808
  • +1 718 313 1498
  • +44 203 011 0241

On top of these telephone numbers, you will find a live chat on all the sites where you can send a message and receive instant help. The email option is always available on the sites contact page where you fill out a form and send the email.

Trusted Tablets Spam and Phone Calls

There is no one on the whole internet hinting that he or she got called or emailed by the Trusted Tablets network without his or her consent. This shows that the Trusted Tablets network does not spam people.


Trusted Tablets being a pharmacy network that has invested in creating sites which are easy to use and have always kept their promises to their customers, we rate it 5 stars. As a Trusted Tablets network customer, you get to enjoy free bonus pills, great discounts, and great customer service.