Review – The Road Hasn’t Been Silky for This Suspicious Online Pharmacy was a website that dealt in medication especially in the steroid business. However, due to unspecified reasons, the website is not available at the moment. It seems to have been shut down and will probably be brought back up in the future. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it was taken down because it probably didn’t perform well at all. I was keen to analyze what it was like before it was shut down. However, it is very tough to do any sort of meaningful analysis of the online pharmacy because it is offline but there are screenshots which I used to make some conclusions in the time being.

SilkRoad-Pharmacy was an online pharmacy. Silk Road was dealing in steroids mainly but also had other categories of drugs. The website also had a blogging category as well as a reseller’s menu. The website was quite simplistic and did not appear as pushy. It had an address at 2nd Mart Road Montauk and an email given as [email protected] The information I was working with is restricted to that. Since Silk Road online pharmacy is not online, I couldn’t find information pertaining when it was established.

SilkRoadPharmacy was also requiring its customers to register an account to probably be served better. It had a social media presence as well. Due to its absentia, I couldn’t find details on whether its drugs were FDA approved, what payment methods it accepted, the costs of the popular steroids it sold and the shipping time and cost as well as the methods of delivery. There’s no live chat if it existed in the first place and I couldn’t determine whether the customer care agents were responsive. Reviews

I am very cautious when it comes to buying stuff online. This is why before I buy anything from a business that I have never bought from before, I have to check whether it has customers and what their genuine opinion is about the services and quality of goods from the website. It was no different with SilkRoad-Pharmacy when I sought to find out how buying from them must have been when they still existed. I was rather disappointed that the site itself did not have any reviews or testimonials and neither was it rated on an independent customer review website. Even though Silk Road Pharmacy is not available anymore, when it was around, it must have been very unpopular with little or no interested customers to not have a single rating. It must have been wildly unpopular and therefore since I don’t trust a website where I can’t find customer reviews, I would never have bought anything from it. I would have been better off going elsewhere. Reviews 2016

Since I couldn’t get my hands on some customer reviews, I would have to resort to the scam analyzing websites like and I ran through both of them to find out whether it used to be a scam or not. I made some discoveries after doing that and they probably aren’t the best.

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According to, is a website that is supposedly based in France but is more likely to be from Luxembourg. Such ambiguity is not a good sign to a prospective customer. The fact that the location is shrouded in uncertainty wasn’t a good sign and was one of the hallmarks of a fraud business. went on to say that SilkRoad-Pharmacy had a low trust rating, unsurprisingly, and it may not be safe to surf or do business with.

image2 8 on the other side found out that the website had a decent popularity. This does not translate to satisfied customers and could be visitors who landed on the page while looking for another one with a name close to this one. It went on to say that SilkRoad-Pharmacy was not a safe site to maneuver and was having a rating of 0%.

The two scam analyzers seem to come to the conclusion that SilkRoadPharmacy was a scam website and that it was very unsafe to use. It is probably the reason why it was shut down; unpopularity and dishonesty. Coupon Codes

The online pharmaceutical market is filled with numerous businesses all fighting for a small share of customers. The websites do aggressive marketing drives and offer generous discounts to keep their customers satisfied and wanting more. One of the most common ways to do this is to save the customers some money with sweet offers and coupons. These have always worked to bring in the customers and keep them loyal. I was browsing the website to find out if had some offers to keep their customers happy and was disappointed to find that there weren’t any offers.


It is pretty obvious that a website like was one in many other similar websites. It was fighting for the small share of customers on the internet looking to buy ED drugs and other types of medication from the convenience of their homes and to have the meds discreetly shipped to them without prescriptions. However, SilkRoad-Pharmacy is no longer available on the internet for some obvious reasons. It was not the most trustworthy website in matters of honesty and probably lost its credibility due to that.

I was not a coincidence to see that it had no customer reviews and at the same time had a very damning review from the scam analyzing websites. It added up in the end. There were no coupon codes as well as generous offers to keep the customers happy if they were to have any. This is rather odd considering the level of competition. Due to these factors, I give a 1 out of 5.