Quality-prescription-drugs.com Review – Non-Recommended Pharmacy with Reviews from Scammed Customers

Quality-prescription-drugs.com is one of the well-maintained online pharmaceutical sites with a good overall layout and design. It’s a long running e-pharmacy, operating since 2004. However, after extensive search on the site, I could not find out where the e-store is located.

The e-pharmacy sells a wide range of drugs. Quality-prescription-drugs main collection included drugs for asthma, anxiety, birth control, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, hair loss, sleep aid, cholesterol lowering, weight loss and much more. All these medications are FDA approved. I decided to check out the price of some specific medicine to compare the prices to other online pharmaceutical store. I looked for the price of Viagra which is sold at the lowest price of 1.06 USD per 100mg which is almost similar to the prices at which other online stores sell Viagra.

Their shipping methods include Airmail and EMS courier delivery. Delivery via Airmail takes 2 to 3 weeks, whereas with EMS courier, it takes only 3-8 business days. Airmail is cheaper as compared to other option and its shipping cost is 10 USD. On the other hand, the cost for delivery through EMS courier is double than Airmail delivery. Payment methods as allowed by Quality-prescription-drugs.com include Visa Card, Master Card, AmEx and eCheck.

The company offers full product resend in case when the customer receives the product damaged or with defects

Customer service of the e-pharmacy can be reached through the toll-free numbers provided on the site. Moreover, users can also communicate with them by filling out the form in ‘contact us’ section where user enter their query and email etc. I decided to choose the second option and messaged my query to the help desk but did not get any reply from them.

Quality-prescription-drugs.com Reviews

I found some Quality Prescription Drugs customer reviews on the testimonials section on the website. These reviews were highly in favor of the online pharmacy and all of the customers looked like more than happy with the pharmacy’s services.

Brendon from Ireland gave the feedback after receiving his order. In his review, he thanked the company for providing him with good quality medicines and said that he ‘will be ordering again’. Jack from France gave pretty much the same response as the previous one. Moreover, he also acknowledged the e-pharmacy on sending him some free pills and said he would not only order from them again but also recommend the e-store to his friends.

Another user Isaiah from the USA appreciated the customer service of the company that how they keep him informed of his order status and said that he received his order in proper packaging. Jordan from the United Kingdom seemed happy with the ‘great range of products’ the e-pharmacy offers. He also acknowledged getting updates about his order status and said he will definitely be ‘back for more‘.

image4 7

After getting impressed with the site’s user reviews, I was astonished to find out that these reviews were just made up and the exact same reviews were posted on another online pharmaceutical store. This clearly specifies that the vendor is faking these reviews just to grab customer’s attraction.

Quality-prescription-drugs.com Reviews 2016

After finding out a number of patient reviews in the testimonials section, I expected to get hold of some recent reviews as well, but unfortunately, there weren’t any new reviews related to the pharmacy so I had to rely on the scam analysis sources.

image2 10

At first, I consulted Legit Script to find out the current status of QualityPrescriptionDrugs site. It identified the site as a rogue pharmacy. The scam analysis also specified the reason why the shop of Quality Prescription Drugs is labeled as being rogue which include things like involvement in fraudulent business or not adhering to medical standards etc.

image1 11

The online pharmacy received the status of being a ‘suspicious site’ by scamadviser.com and involves a risk in using the site. Another potential issue linked with the site is it being offline and association of high-risk country with the site.

Quality-prescription-drugs.com Coupon Codes

Quality-prescription-drugs.com would probably be a good option for customers who are always looking for discount deals while purchasing online as the site has a number of such deals for its customers.

Quality Prescription Drugs features a limited time offer for customers as they can get free pills of Viagra with every order they place. The online pharmacy also annuls the shipping fee on orders of 200 USD or above. Customers can look for a lot of good ‘special offers’ on their site under the same name tab. One of these special offers by the name ‘trial erection pack’ offers users 10 pills of each Viagra and Cialis, in a concentration of 100mg and 20mg consecutively, at a total price of almost 60 USD.

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Other than that, they also claim to provide medications at quiet discounted rate and claim that their prices are ‘70% less’ than other local pharmacies.


What looked like a good online pharmacy to me turned out to be another scam site which had fake user reviews posted by the vendor himself just to boost sales by deceiving customers. But the scam analysis reports told us the reals story that how the shop of quality-prescription-drugs is involved in fraudulent business and making a fool out of innocent customers.

To my surprise, Quality Prescription Drugs has been operating since 2004 and is still in business and I wonder how a fraudulent site can stay in business for such a long time. It had been a good family pharmacy because of its wide range of medicines only if it were a genuine pharmacy. Anyhow, the fake reviews, scam reports, and many such factors have convinced me to rate quality-prescription-drugs.com 2 out of 5.