Review – Offline Pharmacy Ran Concurrently with Two Identical Pharmacies was a Canadian pharmacy that once conducted its business online. I found out that it was created in 2013 to deliver prescription medications at the most affordable prices available. The name “Sky Pharmacy” at the top of the homepage looked familiar. I was sure I had seen it somewhere.

I moved on to the FAQ menu where I sought the prescription policy that this inoperative online pharmacy endorsed. It didn’t take long for me to find out what I needed to know. did not require its customers to present a prescription to facilitate their medication orders.

There was a panel on the left side of the screen back in “Home”. That is where I found the drug categories offered by this pharmacy on display. It was quite comprehensive. The medicines included diabetes medications, depression medications, erectile dysfunction medicines, heart disease medications, gastrointestinal therapies, and antibiotics. General care products and ‘Over-The-Counter’ medicines were there as well.

I made the erectile dysfunction category the category of interest. The list was complete with Brand Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. The price per pill of brand Cialis went as low as $3.66, while the price per pill for Viagra went as low as $3.32. Credit Cards like Visa, AmEx, and MasterCard or eChecks were accepted. As for shipping, the options were $20 EMS courier delivery and $10 airmail shipping. had a customer service number and the online form for contacting them. Reviews

I didn’t find any reviews in the archives for None were available on the website in “Testimonials”. It would have been nice to see on-site reviews that gave an honest appraisal of the pharmacy. It was always more likely, however, that the reviews available would’ve been favorable to a hyperbolic degree. Nevertheless, availability of such reviews would have afforded me the opportunity to compare them with unaffiliated reviews on other websites. Maybe I would have learned about the business’ struggles in the past, possibly the ones that led them to shut up shop. I could also have found out if it was once a popular vendor. Reviews 2016

It became apparent that the only way I was going to get a definitive profile of this inoperative online pharmacy was on and Before that, I wanted to clarify why “Sky Pharmacy” was so familiar. I did a quick web search that revealed all I needed to know about the website’s status. I learned that was one-third of a scam operation involving three identical websites. The other two are and

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That revelation made Scamadviser’s rating seem a bit bizarre. It gave a High Trust Rating and declared that it was safe to use. Maybe there is an explanation for that. Legitscript retrospectively designated this store a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Website for having been engaged in a fraudulent and deceptive business. Coupon Codes

I was able to find discount coupons similar to the coupons used on the other two websites.  These evidently facilitated the operation and still facilitate the business on and You can see them in the screenshot below.

image2 6

The first of these is a time-limited offer of free pills to go along with every order. It could be free Viagra pills, Levitra pills, or Cialis pills. The other one is the right to free shipping when you place orders that are above the $200 mark. These no doubt incentivises the customers on the newer websites as it did on this one. The trend among the majority of online pharmacies today includes initial purchase discounts as well as coupon code discounts in addition to these.


So, I was able to succeed in satisfying my curiosity. is a Canadian pharmacy website that is offline indefinitely. It turns out that it was one of three Canadian Online pharmacies that are identical in every way. The other two, and, are still active. It certainly wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that this duplicity as part of the trident made be related to its offline status. The generic and Brand name prescription medications that once adorned the online showroom of this pharmacy were sold without the prescription. I was able to get information about Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra in the ED medications category. There weren’t any testimonials inside or outside the web archive and so the reports from and sufficed. Legitscript classified it as a Rogue pharmacy while Scamadviser gave it a High Trust Rating mainly due to data security. I don’t see why and should run concurrently or why the same website has three different domain names. I give a 1-star rating.