On-drugstore.com Review – Government-Seized Website with No Buyer Feedbacks

On Drugstore is another closed online drugstore—it is one example of a “seized domain”, or a website whose service was terminated by the United States government due to its unlawful activities. Although On Drug Store previously operated as an online pharmacy, its domain now exhibits the universal message of seizure, which states that the shop was involved in criminal activities such as the proscribed distribution of fake merchandise and also willful copyright infringement.

Even if On-drugstore.com is offline, I was able to search the shop on the web archive site and I was able to collate data for On Drugstore on the archive website. I discovered that On-drugstore.com had an actual store name of Rx Pharmacy Store; the shop did not have an inception date, although its earliest records on the web archive site are on 2007. There is no information on the actual length of operations for On-drugstore.com, but it appears that its last records on the web archive site were on 2014.

On-drugstore.com or Rx Pharmacy Store offered products for ADHD, erectile dysfunction, heart, fungal and parasitic infections, allergies, pain relief, sleeping aids, mental health, and other products. Although On-drugstore.com offered various products on its shop, it declared that it is not an actual pharmacy, but that it is an intermediary which connects ground pharmacies to consumers interested in saving cost when it comes to prescriptions. It mentioned that it is a “secure platform” to procure meds from and that it sells medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Since the former records of On Drugstore/Rx Pharmacy Store indicated that the shop stocked products for male impotence, I went on to check the shop’s prices for the medications such as Viagra and Cialis. However, the shop showed no prices for the products—all the product prices for both Viagra and Cialis were marked as “N/A” instead of presenting the prices for the medications.

On-drugstore.com did not state if it required its consumers to provide the valid prescriptions for Rx products. Since there was no mention of any prescription policy, we can assume that the shop dispensed its products without asking for clients to provide their prescriptions.

According to Rx Pharmacy Store, it ships 99% of its products for free but did not indicate which meds are included in the 1% which was not shipped for free. As for payments, the store accepted credit and debit cards, but the store did not state which credit cards it accepted.

On-drugstore.com did not also discuss its policies for returns and reshipments, so it was unclear if it allowed refunds for consumers with damaged purchases and with non-received orders.

On-drugstore.com Reviews

On Drugstore/Rx Pharmacy Store is also one of the online pharmacies which failed to have reviews or buyer mentions for its service. There is no apparent reason why online shops were unsuccessful in collecting reviews for their service, although unpopularity is still the main reason why shops are unreviewed by clients.

Even if there were no consumer complaints about On-drugstore.com on the web, its no-review status still makes it a dubious store, since most reliable online pharmacies are usually given good remarks by their clients.

There was also no data for the store’s closure, but the government message on the store indicates that the domain was confiscated by the US Customs Department due to its illicit activities. The specifics of the lawsuit against On Drugstore were not disclosed, though.

On-drugstore.com Reviews 2016

Because of the lack of information from clients of On Drugstore/Rx Pharmacy Store, I used several online platforms to evaluate the site instead.


Scam Adviser is one of the web’s reliable platforms used for identifying more details concerning domains. According to the result on Scam Adviser, On-drugstore.com is a shop with an online age of 10 years. It was, however, declared as a ROGUE online pharmacy on January 2013 and was also identified with malware reports.

The owner country of On-drugstore.com is from Russia and its website location is in the United States. Although the store is now closed, it is not yet identified as an offline site.


Legit Script also identified a rogue status for On Drugstore. According to Legit Script rogue pharmacies are shops selling or dispensing medications online without asking the consumers for prescriptions. Generally, ROGUE internet pharmacies “knowingly violate” federal legislations concerning pharmacy operations. The seized domain status of On-drugstore.com confirms the rogue rating of the store from Legit Script.

On-drugstore.com Coupon Codes

On Drugstore did not have coupon codes and discount offers for its consumers, although the store claimed that its drug prices were up to 65% off.


Since the prices on On Drugstore/Rx Pharmacy Store were unavailable, there is no way to confirm if this markdown claim is real or not.


On Drugstore or Rx Pharmacy Store operated for a while before being finally shut down by the US government for its apparent illegal activities. According to the message on the store’s former domain, On Drugstore is allegedly involved in selling counterfeit products and also engaged in knowingly infringing the copyright of some of its products.

Since the shop is now closed and because of its present seized status, there is nothing left for me to do but rate On-drugstore.com 1 out of 5 and suggest you scout other online drugstores for your medical needs.