Review – Not Everything that Glitters Is Gold was and online pharmacy copyrighted in 2014 that claimed to offer the lowest prices on drugs and guaranteed that you need no doctor visits to purchase from them. Like their official start and end of operations, their territorial location was not known because the information was unavailable on their website. Initially, I had assumed it was the United Kingdom primarily because they had “UK” in their URL.

As seen above, Md-uk shop bestsellers were Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, these drugs made up the top four followed by the fertility pill Clomid and the Antifungal Dilucan. The average cost (per tablet) of Viagra was £0.65, Cialis £0.84, £1.75 for Kamagra and Levitra £1.51. All their generics were supplied by FDA approved companies.

They accepted three forms of payments; Visa, Mastercard and eCheck and guaranteed 100% security. A customer’s shipping fee would have been dependent on their location. A customer had the option of Airmail shipping 14-21 days or tracked courier which would have taken was an average of 5-9 days.

Md-uk shop claimed that Customer Service was their priority. There was a contact form to fill out and you were guaranteed an automated response. However, for obvious reasons, I was unable to access their chat window although the feature was there. They also had a toll free UK number that could have been called. Reshipments were free of charge. If you did not receive your package you were guaranteed your “money back.” However, if you requested a refund it could have been granted if you returned the item in a package within 30 days. Reviews

Md-uk ex-shop had no reviews and was basically non-existent on the internet. This is laughable because some persons actually thrive off of reviewing their experiences with businesses. Maybe this is why they are now off the internet.

A website that has no reviews is a questionable one. Their website even lacked testimonials. I mean there was a section labeled “testimonials” but I could not access it, again for obvious reasons. But I have always believed that an honest establishment would allow its customers to post on its website. If their customer’s experience was good, it makes then seem to have good customer service. Even if the reviews were poor o the website, it gives the establishment some motivation for improvement. In all honesty, no organization is perfect and each has its own problems.

Not having reviews puts Md-UK in a bad light. They claimed to prioritize customer service. A company that prioritizes customer service will in 2017 have reviews all over the internet just typing it in its name in a search box and a list of reviews would come up. Reviews 2016

An investigation of Md-UK’s website was taken and the results are shown below.

image2 1

image1 2

Scam Adviser points out that the website “involves a high-risk country”.  I said before that I assumed they were UK based because of the UK in the name and the acceptance of pounds. Turned out they are actually probably based in Netherlands with surveys in Ukraine. I was and am still not familiar with shopping online and buying goods from these countries because I know nothing about these countries.

Md-uk was a “Rogue Internet Pharmacy”. In this instance, I believe it meant that their dealings were unscrupulous. Hence, they are probably no longer hosted on the website and their owner removed them because they were discovered as a threat. Coupon Codes

Below are coupon codes and promotions that were offered by Md-Uk.

image3 1

Four or ten free pills or a free ED trial pack if you spent a certain amount. Then there was free standard airmail shipping on the order that cost £296.74. You also got 10% discount on your next order. Initially, I thought these offers were a lot but upon closer inspection, I was a little disappointed.

The deals were okay but they were not “great” or anything to get excited about. Yea, everyone likes a good promotion but I still felt as if Md-uk could have done better. If you were selling at low prices, I would automatically assume that you had a lot of traffic so long as you were promoting your business.  I really thought Md could have had better discounts to attract more customers. Maybe their lack of discounts was also a contributor to them shutting down?


I reviewed and decided that I would not buy from or conduct business with them. When I browsed their website, the FAQs section to be specific, I realized that I had read the exact content before on pharmaceutical websites specializing in Erectile Dysfunction Drugs. My mind was blown because I thought “Wow they basically copied an entire FAQs section.”

I also believe that issuing prescription drugs without a prescription is illegal, doesn’t matter if you buy it in-store or online. I gave them a one-star rating because their dealings appeared very questionable and suspicious to me.  

If you want to scam people, I say do it to the best of your ability. Get really secured and used VPNs so sites like scam adviser and legit script can’t list you as unsafe or rogue. A lot of persons are hard to scam because like me they conduct Internet searches a look for reviews. has none. Be careful where you shop online as there are a lot of seemingly innocent sites out here.