Kamagra-fast.com Review – A Pharmacy Based In London Without Any Existing Testimonials

Nowadays many men are constantly looking for online sources of meds to treat different sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction. Kamagra-fast.com used to be a pharmacy based in London that was capable of supplying ED meds. Even though the pharmacy mainly targeted men living either in the UK or in Europe, customers outside this region could place their order as well. Kamagra-Fast explained that all meds supplied by them are FDA-approved and authentic. In fact, the meds were supplied mainly by the Indian Pharmaceutical, Ajanta Pharma.

When clients encountered any problem with the site, they could contact Kamagra-fast.com by writing an email to [email protected] Using personal e-mails is very unprofessional, so I’m starting to sense that Kamagra-fast was involved in some sort of illegal activities.

The company claimed to be a verified UK pharmacy, providing its licensed number on the site’s main banner. I don’t know if it’s because Kamagra-fast.com is no longer accessible, but I could not verify such claim.

The store advertised a next day and free of charge delivery for those living in the UK. International clients had to pay an extra fee for delivery. Since the site’s availability is limited, I could not check the cost of this fee.

Kamagra-fast.com was providing the standard ED drugs: generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The pharmacy’s bestsellers were mainly Kamagra pills, as the name indicates. However, only the main page was available on Wayback machine so I couldn’t check the listed prices for such meds.

The medicines could be purchased via Visa credit cards exclusively. As for refunds, I wasn’t able to find enough information about it.

Kamagra-fast.com Reviews

When customers can’t try a product on their own before purchasing it, as it happens in online shopping, they are motivated to either buy a certain product or not by the existing reviews about that same product. Any good marketing team understands the impact of reviews, either positive or negative, on a product or a shop’s reputation. Obviously, these testimonials are even more important when consumers need to buy a product that can have severe implications on their health. It’s utterly important to understand if an is legit and licensed and if the products they are dispensing are authentic and reliable. Counterfeited and uncontrolled medications can jeopardize people’s health severely.

I was looking for some reviews regarding Kamgra-fast.com but I wasn’t able to find any. Without reviews, I cannot recommend the store or perceive if this drugstore was a solid source of medications or not. Moreover, I would never buy medications from an unverified pharmacy like Kamagra-fast. If little or no concrete information is available, I would skip the store entirely and look for a much more dependable source of meds.

Kamagra-fast.com Reviews 2016

To be completely honest, the overall look of Kamagra-fast.com didn’t exactly reassure me. The site’s layout looks very unprofessional and I’d not buy anything from this drugstore.

Thankfully, nowadays all of us can easily run a website’s through scam analyzers and see if the shop is trustworthy or not.

I firstly used Scam Adviser to check Kamagra-fast.com credibility and here are the results:

image2 12

Kamagra-fast.com had the lowest possible trust score: a round 0%. Scam Adviser verified that, fortunately, Kamagra-fast was rarely visited. The store was not safe to use and had the potential to be an online scam. Part of this low trustworthiness is due to the fact that the real location of Kamagra-fast is being hidden, a common practice among sites which are operating under illegal facilities.

I obtained the same results when I analyzed the pharmacy through Scamner. Once again, Kamagra-fast.com is not reliable and buying is not recommended. The pharmacy has too many red flags to be considered a credible drugstore.

image3 11

After this evaluation, I’d clearly stay away from Kamagra-fast.com.

Kamagra-fast.com Coupon Codes

One of the very few good things that Kamagra-fast.com seems to have is its discount section. Extra offers and benefits are crucial to attract more clients.

image1 13

Kamagra-fast.com was offering a set of extra pills for those who bought generic Viagra or any other ED medication. Clients could get 4, 8, or 12 bonus pills if they bought at least 12, 24, or 48 pills, respectively.


Kamagra-fast.com used to be an online supplier of affordable meds specifically used to treat sexual disorders in men. The company had a very unprofessional layout and didn’t inspire much trustworthiness at all. The pharmacy has been inaccessible for around one year. The reasons that led to the shutdown of this domain are not clear. I suspect that Kamagra-fast.com was incredibly unpopular and, therefore, the company did not have enough profit to sustain a viable business.

Even though my gut feeling tells me that Kamagra-fast.com was likely a scam, I don’t have enough evidence to support this claim. I can, however, surely say I wouldn’t use Kamagra-Fast to get ED meds from. The pharmacy has no available reviews and little can be accessed via WayBack machine. Without any reviews, I am not able to sustain a viable claim that Kamagra-fast.com was a solid source of genuine medicines. I have to be safe than sorry and not recommend using this store. Additionally, scam analyzers’ results also show that Kamagra-Fast was not a credible source of medicines.

In conclusion, I would not use this site at all. I’m giving this store a 1 out of 5.