Review – A Badly Reputed Drug Store No Longer in Operation is a suspended website that does not have much information about its services or working on the internet. The company claimed to be a leader in delivering high-quality medication to the clients residing in different parts of the world. The goal of this store was to provide medicines at discounted prices each and every day while it was still in operation. The target audience of Generic Doctor was the people who were affected by highly priced medicines and were not in a position to afford them. The company also claimed that it was professionally managed and was a distributor of generic medications. Additionally, GenericDoctor also provided high-quality service in addition to good quality medications. The website had medicines related to categories like antifungals, depression, anxiety, diabetes, antibiotics, anti-virals, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure and much more. The best sellers available at this website included medications related to erectile dysfunction. Viagra used to be sold at 3.33 US Dollars per pill which was quite expensive.

There was no information that I was able to find regarding this closed store. The FAQ section was completely empty and I could not find the charges about shipping or the payment methods. The only way to contact the company was to email them on their official email address. There was no contact number or live chat option available. Reviews

Honestly speaking, I didn’t have a good instinct about GenericDoctor. Therefore, I spent a good amount of time searching for reviews which the people would have made for this website since it is the most important section of an online website according to me. Well, after a lot of research, I was still bare-handed and there wasn’t even a single review ever made regarding this website since its beginning. I had still a lot to check this website but what I could say by now was that I was clearly not impressed with this lack of review as all these so called facilities are of no value if not even a single customer is satisfied. Reviews 2017

No satisfied users until recent past gave me a clear image that the website wouldn’t have increased a bit in this year too. Let’s have a peek at the performance in the year 2017. 

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Scamner was not very impressed with this site and gave it 0% trust score by saying that user should always stay away from this website. Scamner prohibited browsing on this website and buying something or doing financial transaction was just out of question. Moreover, the store did not have any visitors which meant that it was not famous among the online community.

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A shiny yellow slogan indicated that Generic-Doctor is just another rogue platform introduced to fool people. Scamadvisor gave it a very low trust rating detailing that it is actually based in Australia but its real location is being hidden from many people. Moreover, the setup of the website is highly suspicious and a malware has been reported on this website. Coupon Codes

Failing at all levels; let’s have a look at what this site was doing to attract more customers.

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The store was just fulfilling a formality of discount offer which was very complex and hard to decode. The discount pamphlet said that the users could save up to 85% on medication, without giving any specific details on how to get that discount. Moreover, the customers were also entitled to get free shipping on many orders, while there were no details on which type of shipping would be given for free or which other hidden conditions would be implied for this discount to be viable. All in all, it would be better if the store would not have given any kind of discounts, rather than these confusing offers.

Conclusion had very little information available on the internet about different services. I was able to find data about pricing of the medications that were offered here and found them to be quite high. I could not know for certain if the company provided international delivery services and the charges for this service. As far as the discounts were concerned, the company had mentioned about 85 percent off on its drugs. It also promised the customers to avail free delivery service but had not cared to mention anything else about these offers. I can only say that Generic Doctor was not worth buying medicines from. The website had also been pointed out by scam analyzing websites as unsafe. Hence, I would give it a rating of 1 out of 5. I would like to say that Generic-Doctor should not have existed in the first place as it lacked all the credentials to be called as a good website. Customers should take care and avoid all such pharmacies in the future.