Review – Great Chances of Receiving Fake Drugs from this Provider was a chain of online drugstores that was copyrighted for the years 2006-2011. They were based in two Locations; London, the United Kingdom and Nicosia, Cyprus. The exact date of their start and end of operations was unknown.

On offer, they had specials for the Family, Men and Women. Like traditional pharmacies, they offered Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Birth Control and Sleep Aid Pills. In the department of sexual health, 30 pills of Levitra was available for £48.9/$66, Cialis £14.9/$20 for eight pills, Viagra £110.9/$149 for 4 packs of 1 pill, and Kamagra £18.5/$25 for 20 pills. I could not find any information specifically related to whether or not they were FDA approved but they guaranteed quality drugs from trusted manufacturers.

As a means of payment they accepted Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Wire Transfers. All selling and delivery were done from their EU branches l. Delivery took 3-5 days within the UK, 3-7 within the EU area, 3-9 to the US and 7-13 days to the rest of the world. Medicines marked with flags had special delivery days; Overnight for the UK flag, 2-4 days for the EU flag and 2-5 days for the US flag. Shipping cost to the US was $15 and $35 was the cost to ship to other parts of the world. Items were shipped by a Personal Courier Service.

They had an option for a live customer support chat, but when I clicked I saw a “Domain Seized” message appeared on the screen with a lot of words. They could have also been contacted by phone, fax or post. They did not accept returns but were willing to issue a refund if you never received your order.

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The reviews below related to

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Heller’s products arrived; however, Greg was not as fortunate and never received his order. He claimed that they were unresponsive that there was no number to contact them. Two months have passed and he had somewhat come to terms with losing his €150.

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Amarilis had to send over a hundred emails before she received a response about her order. She was not satisfied that she could have only contacted them via email or fax. When she did get a response, she learned that the order was shipped 15 days from her date of payment and delivered within 4 days.

The reviews presented here were mixed; a combination of positive, negative and average. They did seem to be genuine as they were extracted from an independent source. If they were extracted from the seller’s site they may not have been as palatable as acceptable as these were. The reviews presented a complete picture of the seller’s reputation and customer service.

Because I was still in doubt, I decided to do a check with scam adviser and scamner. Reviews 2016

The findings of scam adviser and scamner were shown below.

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It seemed as though despite their claims to be European, Eurodrug was actually based in the United States but probably from Belguim. This was very confusing and conflicting information seeing as they claimed to have locations in the UK and Cyrus.

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Scamner did not recommend browsing or buying from Euro Drugstore despite the fact that it had a “decent popularity”.  Eurodrugstore would receive 3.5 out of 5 rating based on reviews if we were to check every review given in this section. Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, there was no offer of coupons for the miser and penny hoarders like me. I found this to be very disappointing. I thought shipping was free to the UK and EU but I could see that I guessed wrong. I did not know how Eurodrugs retained customers or got persons to purchase from them when they had nothing to offer.

How did they compete on the internet in the pharmaceutical market especially when there were online stores willing to grant free shipping? We customers would always feel as if business owners owed us because the internet has increased the power we have. It has increased our options and choices. No longer do we have to subject ourselves to the traditional pharmacy model that probably marked up its goods by 200%.

It was a good business decision for Eurodrugstore to be removed from the internet because their business probably would not have been able to compete with other online pharmacies.


If it looked like a duck and walked like one then, it was probably a scam. I did give them props for actually delivering a package because sometimes with scams you never actually get anything you ordered but a charge on your credit card. They seemed good initially but my view changed when I realized that their reviews were poor.

I give them a 1-star rating. The evidence presented above is enough to understand why the domain was seized by US, European and Hong Kong officials for selling counterfeits. That information alone told me everything that I needed to know, their owner did not remove them from the internet. Maybe their customers actually got their orders but what kind of drugs did they get?

It is imperative that we protect ourselves on the internet. We need to search for reviews, both on the seller’s site and on independent websites. We also need to analyze the website’s URL using scam adviser, legit script and scamner so that we can get a picture of the entire situation to make more informed choices.