Cs-online-support24.com Review – Just Another Web Pharmacy with Copied Reviews

Cs-online-support24.com or CS Online Support 24 is a peculiar domain name for an online pharmacy—however, its actual store name is Global Meds, which is a name common to a number of online drugstores from the web. Cs-online-support24.com is a shop with stocks of generic and brand-name medications for various medical conditions. Unfortunately, CS Online Support 24 did not share where it operates from or when its service started, although the store posted logos from the renowned Canadian online pharmacy associations such as CPA, CIPA Rx, and MIPA. These memberships of the store somehow indicate that the store may be operating from Canada, although we can’t be too sure of these claims.

According to CS Online Support 24, all of its products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, although the store did not indicate which FDA certified its products. A section of the store, though, discussed the magnanimous cost of obtaining approval from the US FDA, so we can scratch US FDA from the probable FDA bodies certifying the shop’s products.

Based on the store information, Cs-online-support24.com apparently sells medications for treating heart disease, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, pain, sleeping problems, and various other medical conditions. The shop’s best sellers, though, included the meds Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic counterparts, as well as Lasix, Celadrin, Prednisone, Nolvadex, Amoxil, and various others. The store allows the consumers to order their meds on the store (prescription or non-prescription) without the appropriate prescriptions. However, despite the no-Rx policy of CS Online Support 24, the store encourages its consumers to consult their doctors first before trying out medications, especially the ones they haven’t tried before.

I looked into the prices of erectile dysfunction treatments on the shop; Cs-online-support24.com sells the generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) meds from $0.32 to $3.33 per pill, generic Cialis (Tadalafil) from $0.32 to $3.26 per pill, and generic Levitra (Vardenafil HCl) from $0.69 to $3.71 per pill. Despite the meds being prescription only, consumers can purchase them without sending their actual Rx orders to Cs-online-support24.com.

The store only has free shipping for buyers with orders more than $200, but CS Online Support 24 asks for $10 for the regular Airmail (2-3 weeks) and $20 for the EMS Courier Delivery (3-8 business days).

You can pay for your orders and the shipping fee using your VISA and AMEX credit cards, but you can also use your E-checks for payment.

In case the product you received was damaged, you can request a replacement package. However, Cs-online-support24.com does not accept returns. As for non-received orders, though, Cs-online-support24.com offered no buyer guarantees.

Cs-online-support24.com may be contacted using its phone numbers (US: +1-760-284-3222 and EU: +4420-3286-3820) or by using its contact page for messaging.

Cs-online-support24.com Reviews

There were no consumer comments on the web from former buyers of CS Online Support 24, but the store apparently has its own buyer reviews posted on its own testimonial section. Naturally, the reviews for the store were all positive, and nothing in the comments section reflected bad service for Cs-online-support24.com.

image3 4

According to Samuel from Spain, he was able to receive his Cialis order, but he still anticipates the arrival of the remaining batch of his orders. Samuel appreciated the store’s support team.

Jackson from Italy, on the other hand, stated that he first thought that Cs-online-support24.com scammed him, but he ended up receiving double products.

Although these comments were positive about CS Online Support 24, these testimonials were only fake, as I have seen them recurrently on the web. Sites with similar content as Cs-online-support24.com all had the same testimonials as the shop, so I am positive that these buyer accounts were all false.

Cs-online-support24.com Reviews 2016

No real consumer reviews exist for Cs-online-support24.com, so instead of using the unreliable on-site “testimonials”, I utilized the aid of several domain assessing platforms instead.

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Scam Adviser is one of my choices when it comes to the evaluation of online drugstores, as most of the time, Scam Adviser is able to give unbiased assessments of web domains. According to Scam Adviser’s check, the rating suitable for Cs-online-support24.com was only 34/100, as the store was identified to be a “ROGUE” internet pharmacy with only a life expectancy of 1 year. The overall age for Cs-online-support24.com is almost 3 years, meaning, the shop’s domain has already expired.

image4 3

Scamner.com also offered a check for CS Online Support 24 and the shop was given a 0/100 score. According to more details of the analysis, the store does not have any trust records and its owners are using free technical email addresses—the use of free addresses is considered very unprofessional for web selling platforms. Overall, buyers were advised to refrain from using Cs-online-support24.com.

Cs-online-support24.com Coupon Codes

Free Viagra pills are offered by CS Online Support 24 for all of its clients, but not all consumers are given free shipping.

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You can only avail of free shipping on Cs-online-support24.com if your orders exceed $200; however, the shipping offered is only the Airmail option. If you want your product shipped via EMS, you have to pay $20.


Cs-online-support24.com is another online pharmacy with an orthodox content—I did not find anything interesting in the store which can set this shop apart from most of its online counterparts.

I like how the products were cheap, though, but I fear that CS Online Support 24 is not a good place to shop your meds from, since it did not have any reviews from reliable sources. The store only had on-site comments which were all copied from web sources. Because of this, I am rating Cs-online-support24.com only 1 out of 5.