Review – Closed e-Pharmacy with a History of Negative Reviews from Dissatisfied Clients used to be an online narcotic store that was started in 2008 with four warehouses in Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom. It used to have a sister drug store known as where raw powders, oral and injectable recipes were sold to clients in preference of making their steroids. It used to distribute drugs to direct consumers as well as resellers that way it had a wide variety of stock. The main assortment was made of steroids, erectile dysfunction narcotics, anti-estrogen, Botox, acne treatments, anti-depressants and Blood pressure regulators. Among them the best sellers used to be 100mg tablets of Cephalon in a pack of 30 at the cost of$ 31.36, 10mg of valium in a bag of 28pills at a price of$ 51.32 and 2mg tablets of Pfizer-Cabergoline in a pack of 20 at the expense of 34.21. Also, to which of its warehouses shipped specific products, clients used to be informed about the manufacturers of every drug that was purchased.

The e-shop required its customers to create an account on their website before transacting, this way details to do with the shipping options and various modes of payment other than the local bitcoins would be communicated through these accounts unlike on its website. However, a few hints on navigation were made in that it took between 7-21 days at a flat rate of $ 28.52 which used to be enjoyed by its customers across the globe. Buyers were advised to use the official email that used to be provided to contact the e-store as they found best. I would have liked to see CheaperPharma return policy, but it was not at my disposal as it has not been indicated on its website. The store claimed to have provided quality products and services which earned them an exceptional lot of loyal clients with positive testimonials. So I decided to go through them to confirm these claims. Reviews

There was a slight misunderstanding in the first few reviews as one of the clients had discussed non-steroids in the steroid review platform, and a complaint had been raised regarding Cheaper Pharma.

Mr. T, 11 months ago, had published a comment which stated his disappointment in receiving a package from a lab he did not trust from one of his orders while the other one had an entirely different product from what he had bought. After contacting the site and reporting the matter, he was forced to lose more than $ 205.32 as his emails were left unattended marking the last time he heard from it. He concluded with a bit of advice to other clients on avoiding the ‘crafty operator.’  

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One can say that CheaperPharma e-shop had a bad way of handling its mistakes compared to other stores who rectify such a situation by a free reshipment to a client like Mr.T. I opted for more recent reviews to see if satisfied clients used to examine the store. Reviews 2016

Beardy1111 for months then had ordered 50 pills of Adderall on 7th November 2016 a few days before the store experienced a premature closure 11 days later. His patience partly paid off as he received 30 pills delivery from his order on the 14th day of January 2017. The site was redirecting him to a different supplier as he struggled to get the remains of his order which didn’t actualize having parted with $182.5. It must have been a dreadful experience for him and the majority of clients who lose money on a daily basis in the hands of virtual pharmacists.

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Smithy 6months then had raised a complaint of not receiving his order more than seven weeks past the shopping date. He had also mentioned of having a wrong track number issued to him by the store which was directing him to an external Chinese site. The bitter client could not have comprehended how such a place could afford good reviews, but he later apologized and published a positive report after his package was safely delivered in good shape with legit products. Coupon Codes

Since had made a promise of not being the cheapest on the market but being the top cream of quality goods and services, it is not a wonder that it lacked coupon codes and discounts. The store never used to instigate measures meant to ease the medical bill of its clients, unlike its competitors who would offer bonus pills, free shipping and discounts for first orders and subsequent ones alike.

I would like to assume that it used to have seasonal promotions and giveaways only that these details were not available at the time of my review which was way past the closure of this pharmacy.


I find it absurd that had made claims to be in possession of positive reviews from loyal and satisfied clients; only to realize that the declaration was not grounded. More so, customers had a handful of negative comments that narrated their awful experiences. In addition to those to be considered lucky received incomplete orders after a long wait while others had to be content with empty pockets and null deliveries.

There seemed to be a single positive remark that preceded a complaint regarding CheaperPharma delayed delivery and an invalid tracking number what he had considered as enough evidence to bid his money farewell. I can rightfully say that the site had poor communication patterns as most of its reviews had mentioned the silent treatment that used to arise from the store once a buyer conveyed a message via the email that was provided stating an occurrence of the error. As the golden rule of reciprocity dictates so will I award the poorly remarked, closed down store a 1-star rating out of 5.