Review – Closed Store with No Reviews used to be an online drugstore equipped with the treatments of Gastrol inflammations, allergies, diabetes, and infertility among others. Its clients were privileged to have been provided with an online consultation without additional charges however they were required to issue a valid prescription from their general physicians before making their purchases. Its main assortment comprised of Erectile Dysfunction treatments with the little blue tabs and its alternative being paraded in various quantities and amounts that are; 100mg of Viagra in a blister pack of 20 pills went for $ 98.22 while 20mg of Cialis in a pile of 80 was sold at $ 213.78. Although it was impossible to tell whether these drugs had been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration as it had not been clarified, I grasp the hint that the site was headed by a certified pharmacist. Concerning that, it was taking pride in being the leading supplier of pharmaceuticals online which had been in favor with the World health organization; as well as drugs regularity authorities from diversified countries among them being South Africa, United States, Hungary, Germany and a few others. It had also ascertained its buyers to be the only pharmacy with top notch products at the lowest price in the market. As usual, e-commerce makes the use of credit cards for payments, and this resulted in the adoption of the state of the art encryption system to keep the hackers at bay from the credit cards details disclosed by its customers. In addition to that, the preferred cards used to be Visa, Master card, and FedEx. Standing out is an aspect that the site was fond of doing if at all it made its buyers feel appreciated, this time it came in the form of free shipping. Unlike most virtual vendors who tie such an offer to given amounts of bills, offered it to all its orders, and this would be practiced through the FedEx and the United States Postal Service. The navigation was given a maximum of thirty days to get the parcels to its recipients. Those who patiently waited for goods that were never delivered were directed to notify the support team via an email that had been provided to qualify for a reship. If by bad luck one had been given a damaged or wrong consignment they were faced with the choice of getting a free reshipment or a cash refund. Reviews had no reviews on its site neither did it have some from the customer reviewing sites. It was perplexing as it left me wondering about its relationship with its clients. Vendors who lack user feedbacks tend to have questionable credibility and as a consumer safety comes first followed by user remarks. One of these beautiful days I learned it the hard way after I placed an order from a virtual store due to its enticing deals. I was not so concerned about its trustworthiness and the quality of its products since I had made the assumption that my fellow consumers were biting the same bait beside who doesn’t like spending less in exchange for more shopping? Days turned into weeks and weeks to months as I waited for my boxes to be delivered only to realize that the site had more than countable complaints from its users. The greatest portion had undergone the same experience as I did while others were victims of massive losses and recipients of substandard narcotics. I’m not inciting anyone, but the point that ought not to be misinterpreted is that reviews are an integral part of online shopping and should not be taken lightly. Reviews 2017

I tried to seek the counsel of the scam checkers the best on my list being the as it never disappoints when it comes to analyzing the scams behind the virtual shops. It offers likely results as it enlightens about the physical location of a given site, the notoriety associated with it such as being a malware or being blacklisted by the pharmaceutical governing bodies.

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The issue of authenticity of the remarks of its consumers is not only qualitatively expressed but quantitatively as well. This time my curiosity was shunned away by the declaration that the site was not inactive and with that, not even a shred of information concerning it was reported. Coupon Codes had no coupon codes neither was it the place to find promotional discounts or loyalty points. As a super shopper and one in constant need of some pills to keep me going, I prefer those shops which are exceptional in offering the best discounts in the industry. Free extra pills to keep my health steady for a day or two are welcomed with open arms. Once I try the drugs and realize that they are eminent in treatment, I enjoy making refills in a shop where my second and third visits are not taken for granted. How do I get to know this? By the indication of a 5% or more cut off from my revisits totals. did not guarantee this although its clients were at an advantage of having free shipping services via the FedEx and the UPS.

Conclusion offered its customers free online consultation, a free shipping service and cared about their safety through demanding for a prescription before supplying drugs to them. It had also indicated to have sought out several drugs inspection and regulatory authority licenses from different countries; where its goods were either shipped from or to since its particular location was not indicated. However, it lacked to have reviews from its consumers as well as details on the scam consultant websites. Since the only certainty I have concerning the site is that it is closed, the rest remains to be unsupported claims; therefore, I award it 1-star out of 5.